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Lamb to the Slaughter

This story is about a woman who beats her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb then roasts the murder weapon and serves it up to the policemen who come to question her.

This woman is sure nasty, but basically the whole plot was extremely hilarious and fictional. This story is meant for those who love funny stories.

The Umbrella Man

This story is about a mother and her child standing in the rain. A old gentleman then helps them by offering to sell them a silk umbrella at a cheap price, claiming that he needed those money to pay for his taxi fare. However, it wasnít the case. The gentleman stole those umbrellas from the umbrella stand in the bar so as to get the money to pay for his beer.

With the twist in the story, this is indeed very entertaining and fresh. It tells us not to judge a book by its cover.

Royal Jelly

This story is about a couple who bought royal jelly and fed it to their sick baby who is unwilling to eat. After feeding them with royal jelly, the baby finally gained weight and became much healthier.

This is a rather long-winded story which in uninteresting. There wasn't a twist to add spice to it or an exciting plot to capture the readers' attention. This is one of the most boring works of Roald Dahl.

Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Henry Sugar is rich but it never satisfied with the amount of money he had. He was too selfish to share any money with his wife so he remained unmarried. It was only when Henry met an Indian who was able to walk and live without his eyes, that he decided to learn yoga.

Despite being long, this story is indeed interesting as it brings more and more exciting plots and ideas into it. The ever-changing settings allows the reader to drift and imagine how the world of Henry Sugar was like. This story is also rather long-winded.

Lucky Break

This is more of a informative essay rather than a short story. It teaches you how to become a successful fiction writer and his experiences.

This story is more realistic as it is more closely related the life. He ended the story with a rather abrupt ending which shocked the reader to some extent.

The Hitchhiker

This is a story of a man who met this hitchhiker who was a pickpocket. The pickpocket managed to steal the manís things without him knowing and the man was utterly impressed. This pickpocket actually trusted the man and gave him back his things, while trying to prove that pick pocketing is a profession. He calls such professionals fingersmiths instead of the crude pickpockets.

We think that this story is rather fresh to us, as we have never met any hitchhikers at all. There is a series of interesting events that once again captured our attention and urged us to continue reading on.

William and Mary

When William dies, his brain and one of his eyes are kept alive in a basin. At first, his widow Mary is shocked, that her tyrannical husband will watch her forever, but then she begins to like the idea in the end: his eye will have to see her doing everything which he hated during his lifetime, and he won't be able to do anything about it...

The Landlady

An old, friendly lady offers a room to a young student. All the names in the guestbook seem to be familiar. They once must have appeared in the newspaper. With the old lady, he has a curious conversation about skins and stuffing animals. All the animals in the house are perfectly stuffed. When they talk about the other guests in the guestbook, the landlady mentions, that they are all on the third floor - and suddenly he realizes that the tea tastes faintly of bitter almonds...

A Piece of Cake

It is a story of a pilot and his ordeal during a plane flight. He has a plane called "Gladiator" and he has a friend by the name of Peter. Together they set off to Mersah thinking that their journey would be a piece of cake. However, it wasn't as simple as they think it was.

A rather boring story for those who isn't interested in planes. However, it has a good storyline with surprises in them.


The BFG 

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) is the only giant in this story that doesn't eat human beings, which he pronounces as "human beans" as he had never been to school. Every night, he would go to the human world to blow dreams to young children. On one special night, the BFG is seen by Sophie, a girl at an orphanage, and she is brought back to the giant's own abode. There, she learns more about the BFG, the world that he lives in and discovers the horror beneath. The other nine giants who live in Giant Country with the BFG were all man-eating giants who go off to the human world every night, devouring humans "like popcorn" From then on, Sophie and the BFG devised a plan to save the people of the world by getting the help of the Queen of England.

This is a story with interesting events that causes the readers to imagine. It is full of suspense and action, and Roald Dahl managed to capture the readers' attention through his exciting plots.

Georgeís Marvelous Medicine

This story is about a boy named George who lives with his grandmother. She hates children and just cannot leave George alone, which makes him think that much to explore and Roald Dahl has definitely matched up to this need with the rich plots of the story, making the imaginary seem real. After an interval in the story (in this case after every George's new concoction), Roald Dahl leaves his reader to think that she may be a witch. It is George's responsibility to feed his Grandma her medicine and on this particular day, he takes the opportunity to concoct a potion for his Grandma. Unintentionally, this leads to a whole series of events, which ends in them accidentally feeding her one of George's concoction, shrinking her till she was no more.

A unique story with a typical, but the ideas were new in some way or another. Rather ridiculous, but nevertheless interesting.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is a delightful story of a boy name Charlie Bucket and his journey into the world of Mr Willy Wonka. Mr Wonka had send out five golden tickets in which the luck few children who found them in chocolate wrappers, would be able to enter the Chocolate factory which has never been open to the public. With lots of mystery in store of the children, the factory seemed to be a playground for which many who cannot control themselves got into trouble with a price to pay.

This story is trying to show how much rich children are spoilt. It also tells us not to look down on the poor, because they have experienced life much more than us and knows how to behave themselves at the right time.

The Witches

The Witches is a story of a young boy and his grand mother who is a witch hunter in search of the Grand High Witch, the most powerful witch ever on earth. Through their journey, they encounter unexpected dangers of witchcraft and trickery. In the end, they managed to stop witches from all round the world from carrying out their evil plan of wiping out children of the world.

There are many good descriptions made in the book about the witches and interesting plots in the story. This is indeed one of best stories that revolve around witches.

Of course, there are much much much much more books than what we have just introduced! So check ot the nearest mega bookstore to look for more!

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