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We would like to thank the following websites for helping us in our project. They are:

- [heRe] for providing with the pictures of the books under the "Quotes and Useful Phrases"

- Roald Dahl [heRe] for providing for more useful information.

- Roald Dahl Project [heRe] for more pictures.

- Roald Dahl's Official Website [heRe]

- The Umbrella Man and Other Stories Puffin Books

- The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Oher Stories New Windmills Publishers

- Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Puffin Books

- The BFG Puffin Books

- Roald Dahl's Sociology [heRe] Although we did not use any information from here, we found this very informative and useful.

- Tripod/Lycos [heRe] for hosting our website.

and Other Books....

{hOme} | {BiOGRaPhY} | {styLe} | {quOtEs} | {his wOrks} | {BibliOgraPhy}